Services - Swaminathan Marine
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Break-Bulk Cargo – Load-out/Container Vessels

  • Survey cargo prior to loading onto vessel in order to determine the method of lashing ensuring compliance with Annex 13 Regulations.
  • Provide terminal with a list of lashing material requirements.
  • Prepare a Proposed Lashing Diagram and forward same to terminal / vessel for approval and signature.
  • Attend at terminal shortly before loading of break-bulk cargo in order to familiarize the vessel stevedore superintendent and foreman with details of lashing and hoisting cargo.
  • Ensure that all the lifting gear is rated to capacity for hoisting the cargo.
  • Be present during the loading of cargo from pier to vessel.
  • Verify the final securing arrangements and confirm compliance with vessel’s command.

Break-Bulk Loading/Discharge Break-Bulk Vessels

  • Survey cargo prior to loading in order to verify condition and note any exceptions.
  • Work with Port Captain to ensure proper loading of cargo onto vessel.
  • Be present during the loading of cargo onto vessel.
  • Ensure cargo secured to vessel’s satisfaction upon completion of loading operations.

Flatrack/OOG Cargo Securing for Export Certification

  • Verify final securing of cargoes on flatracks at shipper’s warehouses in order to verify compliance with Annex 13.
  • Special attendance can also be made prior to loading of cargo onto flatracks in order to advise securing crew on method of lashing.
  • If needed attendance can be made on vessel during time of loading of flatracks.

Container Loading and Securing

  • Be present during the loading and securing of high commodity cargoes into containers.
  • Issue certificate.

Forensic Surveys
(All types of cargoes including produce)

  • Investigate the nature, cause and extent of damage said sustained by cargoes in ocean containers.
  • Issue official report covering our findings / opinion.

P&I Surveys

  • Conduct P & I Surveys on marine related accidents and casualties on behalf of vessel owners, charterers, etc.
  • Conduct survey on oil spill incidents and monitor clean-up operations.

On/Off Hire Condition and Bunker Surveys

  • Conduct vessel On / Off Hire Condition Surveys plus Bunker Surveys.

Immersion Surveys


  • Conduct Hold Cleanliness / suitability to load bulk cargoes prior to loading and issue certificate.
  • Conduct Immersion / Draft Surveys to determine quantity of cargoes loaded.


  • Conduct Immersion / Draft Surveys to determine quantity of cargoes discharged.